So had my first proper go relaxing and using the helix syn.

So previously had always felt a slight tickle that would disappear but took my time and tonight started to feel a throbbing inside also that became involuntary assuming the prostate. The more I focussed on this throbbing it got quicker and stronger. I lost focus and lost the feeling the first time and then had to relax and focus for another half an hour or so to get it back. The second time around I held onto it and it felt amazing like nothing I’ve ever experienced and a rush of pleasure over my whole body, but I ejaculated when I held onto this feeling when it got super intense.

I might add I didn’t touch myself the entire session and it’s the first hands free ejaculation/orgasm I’ve ever had.

My question being, I’ve read lots of accounts but alot refer to being able to ride it out and keep going? But I came when I felt this?
What do I do from this point?



  1. It has taken me a very long time to be able to do it, but when I feel what you describe I try to let go (relax the muscles and tension) and that feeling just radiates out, the pleasure builds, the tension comes back and I repeat letting go again.

    That cycle can repeat dozens of times before I have to take a short break.

    It sounds counterintuitive, relaxing when your body is trying to tense all the muscles down there, but it’s what allows me to orgasm over and over.

    Holding tight for me at least will often do as you describe and send me over to an ejaculatory orgasm. While that is an amazing feeling, I’m done at that point.

  2. When trying to “ride” the pleasure… think of it as balancing… there is a certain sweet spot you have to hold… its prob about 20% of a contraction… go too hard you fall off one side… go to gentle you fall off the other side….

    Everyone spot is different but you should feel a spot where the internal vibration start to go crazy… find that and hold it… if it goes harder.. release back

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