What did I experience? Anyone else experience anything similar?

I was using my Helix syn vibrating massager o power setting #2 & had been getting some very intense P orgasms wave after wave; my prostrate was swollen and felt like a small soccer ball but extremely sensitive. I had felt like my penis was cumming a few times during this episode;; but then I felt like I had a bunch of gas in my butt that needed to come out and then my butt started to feel like it was starting to have some type of muscle spasm at the same time; naturally I thought I needed to have a huge bowel movement or let out alot of gas. I was still feeling as I was headed into a P orgasm also I got up & ran to the toilet & no such thing; I must have stopped whatever it was when I got up! This abruptly ended my session but now I wonder what was happening. Any ideas or thoughts about this might help me for in the future. Thanks! I wonder if this was headed toward a Super O since it feels the closest to one that I have ever felt today with the P orgasms.

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  1. FYI, gas CAN be passed while in a session with Aneros. When your pelvic area starts getting aroused, the bowels will start to move as well. This is a part of understanding the subtle sensations that the discovery of prostate orgasms gives you. When you are highly aroused in an Aneros session, chances are, there is some “slight” wind that needs to escape. Of course, everyone’s body is different, but relax and let your body go. YMMV

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