Tips on how to set mental intentions to really relax and clear mind from expectations?

I have been using Aneros for 5+ years but only the last year been really making an effort to work with my mindset, as I understand super-Os are about being in a calm state of mind.
I’ve found Mindgasm to be really helpful and meditative. What I still want to improve, is to really clear my mind from expectations and let my body fully relax. I still find myself mentally being too excited or too eager to the point it becomes forceful: I get a lot of muscle spasms and tend to want to contract my PC muscles hard. It’s like built-up energy that needs release.

What would you say helps you to get in the right place mentally? Do you set any mental intentions before a session, or give yourself mental cues during sessions? What do these sound like?



  1. Same problem here, i even tried all kinds of teas and stuff to calm me down. Nothing that really flipped the switch.

  2. Just some thoughts…

    * when you feel yourself getting excited or clamping down too hard, try forcing yourself to relax/let go. I find that letting go in those situations actually brings more pleasure, so eventually you will seek that out instead.
    * mindgasm is great but have you also tried other audio? Binaural beats and HFO tagged stuff from r/gonewildaudio can be great (when you find one you like)
    * Doesn’t really sound like you but in general, stop trying to “get somewhere” instead of thinking “this is nice, maybe more/harder/faster” learn to think “this is nice, I’m gunna keep doing it”. When you find something that is working, don’t change it at all. Eventually it will become a mental habit over time.
    * You say, “It’s like built-up energy that needs release.” – instead of thinking about the release, focus more on the build up. Release will only mark the end after all… See how high you can get that peak pleasure. think, “Don’t let it end, there’s still more”
    * I think the relaxation advice is a bit overhyped or maybe just taken too literally. Dunno about you but when things get going my body moves in all sorts of ways that don’t exactly correlate to a “relaxed” state. Personally I interpret this “relaxedness” as more of a place to start from rather than something to maintain throughout a session. YMMV on this one, but that’s how I seem to function.
    * Somewhat related, I think the key throughout all of this is to learn how things work for you and your body. Advice here and elsewhere can give good pointers or inspiration but shouldn’t be taken like a step-by-step game plan. Don’t forget to learn to feel things for yourself to find out what works and what doesn’t. It’s not like anyone taught you how to jerk off or anything… you just sorta figured it out (probably? I hope so? haha).

  3. u/Leothul Wonderful question, deliciously asked!!

    Re the intention, exhaling. again and again…

    As for atmosphere, I believe it’s darkness and quiet..

    Enough darkness to appreciate your silhouettes and movements.And enough to turn off external ‘noise’

    Enough quiet to be able to allow yourself to breathe… relax… moan a little and enjoy

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