Aneros staining

I ordered 3 Aneros products from . My understanding is that they’re a reputable dealer.

My Eupho Trident and Helix Trident both came in white and feels a little rough (not 100% smooth), and the Maximus Trident came in a smooth/sleek black material. From what I can tell, I think the Maximus gets fully cleaned.

However, both the Eupho and Helix seem to be staining and I’m not convinced they aren’t porous and are actually getting 100% clean between uses. Are my products defective?



  1. I have a similar experience and have purchased mine from reputable sources too. I liken the feel of the white ones to a smooth stone… I can even tell that my Helix is my favourite by the staining! I’m sure I read somewhere that you can boil them. But you should check that before you do it. I’m interested in the advice long time users have too:

  2. Has happened to all of mine – Eupho, Helix, MGX & Maximus. All bought from different various reputable places (at least one directly from aneros). It’s always been just a teeny-tiny amount (on white no less) so hasn’t bothered me. Just keep things clean/sanitary. I’ve read that others polish theirs which might help but I have been too lazy.

  3. After a session I soak my devices overnight in a solution of Water 500 ml, bleach 75 ml and table spoon of washing soda.

    Seems to remove staining and odor free.

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