Epic start then nothing…

I normally take 1-2 hour sessions with a slow build to maybe a dry orgasm or two.
Today when I put my progasm in I had an immediate erection and throbbing muscles with a very sensitive prostate. Then bam; nothing. I kept it in for another hour but didn’t feel much after that first initial and amazing 3 minutes. Weird. Any ideas or insights as to what might have happened?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/rv2tjs/epic_start_then_nothing/


  1. Have you been using your toy a lot recently?

    I think the prostate needs time to regenerate between sessions, a couple of days at least.

    I’ve had the issue in the past where I’m too excited to use the Aneros, so I put it in every night or every other night and then get no feeling from it. I think it’s because either my prostate or my muscles in that area are worn out and need to recharge.

    I’d recommend abstaining from use for a few days, perhaps even a week, and see how you feel afterwards.

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