1. Progasm or Maximus would be what you want but they aren’t necessarily better than the smaller ones once you learn how to use them all. Not sure what you’re comparing to here but these don’t work the same as plugs or dildos. Might want to read up on the wiki a bit, I wouldn’t give up so quickly on the Helix.

  2. yea man, I can take huge shit in my ass and it feels great, but that’s not what ends up being what you want here. After working my way down my favorite toy is the Eupho which is thin as fuck. But I can keep it in for hours and barely feel it, but fuck does it tickle my prostate. I don’t use the larger ones because they tire the sphincter muscles (more like hurt) after a while, and like I said, it’s just not what’s necessary here.

  3. You want them to move inside you, not necessarily stretch you. Preference seems to differ based on body size and type. I also want a silicone, medium plastic and big plastic one at different times. I can’t skip straight to the Progasm very often.

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