Fairly new to exploring with prostate stimulation. I bought a trident about a year ago, I enjoy it, but never have had any real pleasure from it. 6 months ago, I bought the giddi Thor (good girth, rotating, and vibrating) and I finally started to see progress, slowly but surely. Not every time I’d get anything out of it (or I’d get too impatient and finish the job myself) but I would get a p wave here and there. Finally last night, I got 3 good p waves, and I think I finally had a full on pgasm. It was by far the most intense, fully body clenching and shaking feeling I’ve ever had. I know I still have a long ways to go, but I love what I’ve discovered. Any tips or advice would be great. I would love to be able to do the same with the trident, but it seems like I have to have the help from the toy.


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  1. I constantly got told on these boards “Use mindgasm’, but I kept on saying “Yeah, yeah, yeah – whatever”. But I promise you, it’s a game changer. Listen to the first three lessons and learn the basics. I couldn’t get on with the “Do nothing” approach, but instead every now and then I’d pop it in and do some contractions and eventually I’d feel the Helix brush / tap the prostate, and it’s a beautiful if very subtle feeling.

    Even now I haven’t had the full pgasm, but as I’m sure you’ll hear very frequently, “Don’t chase the orgasm, let the orgasm chase you”. In short, enjoy what you feel. You’ll know once you’ve found it. It’s all about keeping your mind open to feeling very small feelings.

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