Next choice.

I’m very much enjoying my helix syn
What would be recommended to still a beginner as the next one to try?
I like the silicone feel of the one I have.

I’ve enjoyed some hands free wet orgasms so far but I wouldn’t say a super one. Still mastering the feelings .

What would be a good next choice in a different one?




  1. I went with a Progasm Jr as my second toy. Don’t take this as “ah the logical step is this thing”. In my case I felt as though the Helix wasn’t reaching my prostate so wanted something with a bit more reach.

    Now, a few months later I realize this was actually wrong lol the Helix was reaching fine. After starting to “rewire” I think of the Helix as a very subtle, gentle experience requiring patience. The Progasm is a little more (emphasis on *a little*) straightforward and to the point…specifically the Progasm presses on the perineum way more. Since then I also got an Eupho Syn, which requires way more control over your pc and base muscles m

    I guess what I’m saying is: there is no logical or generally agreed upon next step, but rather what you think you want to explore next. It’s likely that you’ll end up with a bunch of toys over the years. My suggestion is: figure out what you want to try next, read the reviews and then decide which toy will satisfy you next.

  2. I have gradually acquired a large collection of Aneros snd other prostate toys, and I have to say variety is definitely a plus when it cums to anal play. What makes me cum like crazy one day leaves me cold another, it’s unpredictable.

  3. I too have a collection of Aneros devices. After the Helix, I went on to the Eupho Trident. This is thinner than the Helix but slightly longer. The thinner design results in more movement than gently strokes the Prostate.

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