Do Nothing. How much nothing is the right amount?

So I’ve been trying the Do Nothing method a lot lately and I’ve had some great results, but I know there’s more, and I also know that I’m constantly over analyzing what’s happening while it’s happening because I’m not sure what contractions I should let happen versus which ones I should be fighting.

For me once the pleasure starts to build at all a number of different things start going on. My PC muscles will try to clench as well as my anus, my left leg/butt tenses up, and my hips start to thrust more and more forward. These are all somewhat involuntary in that they just happen automatically, but I can try to fight them off and relax. But I don’t know if I should.

A lot of the advice is to surrender to the experience, which to me means that I should let these things happen. But a lot of advice also advocates being totally relaxed, which to me means that I should try to keep my body from tensing at all. I’m ver confused.

Is there some tensing up that’s ok? Or should I fight to keep every muscle relaxed? What’s the right way to do this?



  1. Usually I try and always release back when ever it tenses… but sometimes that is just not possible…. so just go with it…. the more you tense and longer the more the muscles fatigue and then the fun stuff starts.. the muscles start moving and vibrating by themselves…

    But I never chase the tensing… I wait till it comes

  2. Should also add…

    When I am deep in an amazing session… I don’t even know what is going on down there… don’t put a label on it.. just enjoy the pleasure and whatever comes…

    Try not to think about if it’s contracting or doing nothing

  3. quote : and I also know that I’m constantly over analyzing what’s happening while it’s happening .

    Give it time. In time all of this wont be so new anymore so you wont have to analyse it anymore. Hope I explained this good enough.

  4. ok here is my method, dont think of contraction or anything…

    ok once the aneros has been inserted all the way and has rested in you for like a minute or 5 giving you body a chance to adjust, the first thing you want to do is forget about it. ok so laying on your side with your knees almost half ways what you wanna do is focus on the little knob underneath the testies, and what you want to do is rock you taint back and forth never losing skin contact, making sure you are riding on this knob, the movement of the small knob rubbing up and down the taint is also the movement needed inside where the prostrate is, so when you start rocking on the knob you will also feel the prostate being stimulated, one must forget the idea of “in and out” that we are accustomed due to traditional sex, forget about the penis and what it might be experiencing, focus on rocking along the knob without lifting skin contact from the taint

  5. So, on the specific question of involuntary contractions/movement, the approach I’ve found works best for me is to allow contractions in the posterior chain (eg glutes, hamstring), while trying to keep the pelvic muscles relaxed. When laying on my back I will usually start to get twitches/contractions in my glute and leg, and I find these are usually beneficial in getting the pelvic muscles moving in a way that stimulates the process. So I don’t try to avoid this. But oftentimes this will also be accompanied by holding tension in the pelvic muscles, and even though it feels good I find relaxing the pelvic muscles so they can really move on their own feels better.

    I’ve had times where my hips really started bucking/thrusting involuntarily, but this never really seems to go anywhere as the movement is all external and the prostate doesn’t really get stimulated. So I usually try to avoid major hip/limb movement, although small twitches are fine.

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