My prostate isn’t sensitive. What can I do?

I’ve had a lot of experience with anal play but I’ve had very little sensation from prostate massaging. Most of my experience has been with large toys trying to achieve the full feeling. Is there a specific aneros model you’d recommend for someone like me with a very insensitive prostate? Any other tips and tricks to increase sensitivity?



  1. Less is more with p spot play, which is what many fail to realize. If you ficus on extremely gentle stimulation you are more likely to get the prostate to spasm and orgasm. It is very easy to overwhelm the prostate with too much stimulation which is counterproductive

  2. It took years for me to awaken my prostate. It was the first time I did any butt stuff, so there was a lot of anal basics to learn. Definitely worth the effort!

    If you have the means I would recommend getting an njoy purewand or a similar toy. It really helped me find and awaken my prostate. You get total control! I started with a couple Aneros models but I ended up NEEDING to explore with the njoy for the aneros to become useful.

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