Euphos Syn – push/pull

Hey, I’m somewhat new to all of this. I bought a Euphos Syn a few weeks ago and have used it probably 10 times. I love it but I get the most pleasure and stimulation when I manually push/pull it almost all the way out. Is this something that just takes time to find different sensations or should I look into a larger model? I definitely want to expand my collection eventually.



  1. Honestly only a few weeks in I would stick with what you have. I don’t have a Eupho but I have heard really good things. I really like my Helix Syn.

  2. If anyone is in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and wants to take me under their wing, that would be perfect 😎

  3. Keep learning how to move it internally… work on pc muscle and kegel movements… that the basics… good luck

  4. You can certainly get different sensations if you pull and push in the Aneros with your hands; however, you’re supposed to let your muscles do the work for you. You want to be relaxed and open to pleasure and let your muscles involuntarily contract to stimulate your prostate.

    The Eupho is generally more advanced to use because it provides more pinpoint stimulation when used. Starting out as a beginner, you likely won’t be able to control it with your muscles well enough in the beginning. A trident or Maximus would probably be a better starting point for learning, but you’re welcome to do as you please.

    Take a look at the Aneros wiki and stickies threads for some info to help get you started on how to use it. These things take time to learn and you can’t force prostate orgasms to happen. Be open minded and open to pleasure. Enjoy the moment. Things will build and progress naturally in their own time.

  5. It just takes practice. A new model might help you explore things but it’s not going to be a silver bullet.

  6. Movement with hands gives me a diff orgasm I try to avoid it. It’s not the electricity I feel with no hands

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