1. Yeah sometimes it will keep me you. If I start you have a light tingle I try to ride in the morning or mid day. Normally a short ride in the shower

  2. Jerking off helps me to pass out! I totally feel you though. Sometimes it vibrates so much that I totally lose my concentration

  3. I have experienced difficulty getting off to sleep. I embrace the situation by inserting my largest Peridise. I soon slip into the trance state and drop off to sleep, then wake in the small hours with a raging erection and orgasmic sensation. Remove the Peridise and the sensation diminish.

    The result is more sleep than doing nothing.

  4. Yeah my sessions are most often after the wife goes to bed (she’s an early bird, I’m a night owl). It’s definitely impacted my sleep, partly because I have to force myself to stop before it gets too late (and usually it ends up being later than I intended).

    But then I also have the issue of the prostate staying active even after I’ve stopped to go to sleep. Sometimes it’s not so much and if I ignore it, it will go away after a few minutes. Other times it’s definitely kept my up.

    Sometimes I finish with a super-T, which might help a little but not much. I’ve also found that sleeping position makes a difference; laying on my back causes this to be more of an issue, I guess because my pelvic muscles relax more fully. Fortunately I’m a side sleeper so once I roll over and try to sleep the sensations usually fade.

    Another issue for me is how much THC I’ve had, if I’m still high when I go to bed, the prostate will be far more active.

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