New to the aneros and need some advice

I bought the aneros prograsm because I thought that the size would work for me – and it indeed does! The size seems perfect for me, very filling, I don’t feel I bought the wrong one as I’m experienced in anal play. I just seem to have trouble with the clenching process. My first session wasn’t perfect, but I don’t at all go in with high expectations I just relaxed and did a few contractions. I am just wanting some beginner advice, how long to wait and how much effort I should put into the contractions. Are there any positions which are particularly magical? For me the knees down and lying down seems most effective, but I’d like to try others. Would love to hear if given that my first session was ok (but I had to kind of vibrate the thing with my hand, and rub my dick a bit, so a more conventional orgasm) that it is possible for me to get there?



  1. Usually knees bent and feet flat works for me.
    Try to clench as you’re holding a pencil with your hands, not like you want to crack an egg with your ass.
    This should put you exactly where you want to be.
    Good luck!!!

  2. I’m new to these toys aswell and I’ve managed to have 2-3 good sessions and all I think it’s worthwhile is picking a comfortable position and just lay still. Don’t touch your cock or the toy at all and let it sit and very slowly when I did this I felt my body start to react to the toy and then with very gentle clenching and letting go I started to feel my body react a lot more and pleasure start to build.
    I didn’t really need to do much other than be horny in my mind and let the toy sit and after about an hour I started to get involuntary contractions of the toy which felt amazing. I sort of tried to speed up the contractions and felt this sort of build up and as I focussed on that I eventually had a hands free ejaculation orgasm and it was amazing but not the super o I hear about that you can ride and keep orgasming.

    Relaxing with time on your hands to do nothing other than focus on being horny and the sensations is all I can say works.

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