1. Focus on the pleasure to start with and all the small twitches…as the pleasure starts to build to a high level I will focus then on my breathing (really trying to avoid holding my breathe)

  2. It’s weird, sometimes focusing on breathing helps me tremendously, other times it just gets in the way. The way the ab muscles are tied into the pelvic muscles is such that the right breathing pattern can either help or hinder the prostate sensations in my experience. I haven’t found any one breathing pattern or approach that works 100% of the time.

    Sometimes when I need a reset because the current approach isn’t really working, I find it helpful to focus on taking big, slow belly breaths for a while, just focusing on relaxing and not really trying to “do” anything with my prostate.

    Other times, once the involuntaries get going, it seems like shallow chest breathing while keeping the ab muscles as relaxed as possible works best. (This approach is what leads to the “quivering-wave” for me, when it works).

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