Is variety the spice of life?

For those with multiple aneros models, do you use multiple per session or do you usually stick with one the whole way through? If you switch up, which order works best for you? If you stick with one, do you use them in like a session order (ex: Monday – Eupho, Fri -progasm, etc.)? Just curious on what gets people there.



  1. I have multiples and I stick with one for the whole session. My process is one of “hmmm what do I fancy today?” But I do enjoy having options. The syn v being my newest and flavour of the week.

  2. Usually I stick with one, but sometimes I start with MGX and get used to the feeling, switch to Progasm to losen myself up and help relax then go back to MGX which gives me better movement and sensitivity.

  3. I use multiple per session (generally only about two though). I switch between ‘opposites’ when sensations start to taper off or if I find myself thinking of another toy. EG: Eupho to Progasm or Tempo to Helix. It depends on the day/mood/positioning of the moon or something but sometimes I’ll just want a certain toy after I warm up with another.

  4. I almost always use multiple per session. For me, there’s no single device that works 100% of the time, it seems to just depend on the day and the mood. I also find that I need less stimulation the more aroused I get; in fact, even something like the Helix can put too much pressure on my prostate sometimes and cause discomfort. When I’m really aroused, mobility is more important than size or pressure for me.

    I often start with the Helix or Maximus, as this put pretty constant pressure on my prostate which is good for building initial arousal. Once that starts to feel like to much I may switch to the small end of njoy wand. Sometimes the wand ends up being all I need. But the best sessions often end up with the Eupho or sometimes even a-less if the Eupho feels too like too much.

    The only device I rarely use is the Progams Jr. It’s not so much an issue of the size, rather the shape is a little too extreme. It feels more like my prostate is being poked, rather than rubbed. I have one of the High Island 950’s on the way, looking forward to trying that out as an alternative to the Eupho when I want something small and mobile.

  5. I tend to switch between my Progasm and a « come hither » prostate massager. Sometimes I also use the Njoy wand. The Progasm is great for pgasm but doesn’t make me leak, that’s why I switch to the other toys.

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