What the hell is an “involuntary”, and what’s a “p-wave”?

On the “involuntary” thing, what are we talking about here? Is it when you tire our your PC muscle till it trembles, thereby causing the Aneros to sort of wiggle and flutter? Is it like when you sneeze or cough, or have a traditional orgasm with the aneros in, and your PC muscle just does a sharp squeeze on its own that makes you gasp?

And what’s a “p wave”? I sometimes get these moments where, out of nowhere, my heartbeat speeds up, I get all warm, and it feels like something amazing is about to happen….then it fades and I don’t know where it went. Is that what everyone’s talking about?

I mean, if the “involuntary” thing is just tiring out the muscle till it shakes, I find that feels good, but it’s annoying to get to and it goes nowhere because I can’t keep it up for very long. And how do I make what I described as a “p wave” happen more?! It feels amazing when it does, but it’s only happened a couple times, and then out of absolutely nowhere.

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  1. I think there’s a fuller description of your questions on [the wiki](http://wiki.malegspot.com/index.php?title=Getting_Started) but to answer your questions.

    P-waves are pleasure waves that Aneros users experience when using the toy, they start as warm pleasurable feelings near the prostate and become stronger sensations of pleasure that radiate from the prostate out along the body like a wave passing through you. Typically you want to encourage these p-waves which, as they become stronger, should lead to the super-o.

    I get the same thing with my heart rate and it’s when I know the session is getting good. I try to relax and not tense up so the feelings can grow but it’s difficult to achieve.

    It’s hard to describe exactly how to cause involuntaries, I struggle with them myself, but there are exercises that include trying to hold the toy in a position by using your PC and rectal muscles to both pull on the toy. I’m hoping it just becomes easier to set the involuntaries off. Have a look at the wiki there for guidance.

  2. The way you wanna go about involuntaries is, that you should start by letting your toy get where it needs to be by “doing nothing” for a bit. It doesn’t have to be a long time in my experience. Probably like 10 mins

    Once you think you’re comfortable, try and tense your PC muscles at about 20%-30% of what they’re capable of. Once you notice the fluttering sensation of the involuntary contractions it’s important not too tense those muscles any harder, you might find this will make them go away. You just wanna keep it at that level and keep those involuntaries happening. If you feel them going away, just relax and try again by getting back to that sweet spot of contracting your PC, they’ll come back sooner than you’d expect.

    I’m pretty new to this too so take it with a grain of salt and don’t let your quest for knowledge stop here. There’s plenty of helpful wikis and forums to ask around so have fun.

  3. I get a butterfly feeling in my chest when doing the big squeeze, also I feel my heart take some hard beats then to. I always thought that was the p wave. But also just thought that was just from the clenching.

  4. As progress is made, definitions and questions about what it feels like become less important. What matters is to let go and feel what is happening in your body and to enjoy even the most timid sensations. Practice and experience are the keys to success. Don’t go looking for the Super-O, but let yourself be surprised by its occurrence.
    Of course, theoretical knowledge is also important. So read everything you can find on the subject and integrate this knowledge into your practice.

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