How to fall into trance listening to shibby’s audio while using aneros?

I’ve tried a few of shibby’s audio during my sessions using aneros and it is hard to fall into deep trance. She really do have sweet sexy voice but i was hoping that listening to her can induce involuntary contraction of my ass on the aneros. While listening to her audio, i fully relax my body and practice ‘do nothing’ technique. Anybody have any idea on this? Tq.



  1. I’ve found that the audio of [u/beegeewanders]( works very good combined with the aneros and the ‘do nothing technique’. Often an empty mind and pleasurable (trance induced) thoughts is what it takes for wonderful prostate feelings.

    [Come with me](

  2. Time & practice. The more often you make it into trance, the easier it gets the following times. Weed is helpful for a lot of people.

    Not every file from Shibby is aiming for the best possible trance experience. Some focus more on a particular story or JOI fantasy. You should lock out for specific tags like [Hypnosis], [HFO], [Fractionation] or [Snaps], since she usually uses these when she focuses on a solid induction.

    She hints at the toy compatibility with tags too: [Butt Plug]

    Also: Shibby recorded a dedicated Aneros / Super-O themend file.


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