I can cum handfree after less than a week…damn!

So my partner bought me my first Aneros after I heard about it on a Sex Podcast. I was very skeptical about it due to being a non vibrating toy. When it arrived I was pretty disappointed due to its size, but I had booked a day off work just to relax and give it a whirl.

After around 30 mins of watching my go to porn, and almost giving up, I started to feel all the promised effects of the toy. I had the most incredible orgasm of my life, or so I thought. After the initial excitement I left it in and carried on. Another 30 mins passed and I starter’s feeling all the same feelings I felt prior, but when it came, it came like a steam train….I was shaking and swearing. It was incredible. That day I left it in for roughly 2 and half hours and had 6 mind blowing orgasms, without actually shooting out a load.

Fast forward to two days later, I returned to work. On my way home I clenched my arse just to remind myself of how it felt, and it felt incredible. I carried on with my kegels, and after about 30 seconds, without the toy in, I stared cumming hard at 70mph around the M25. I was understandably I shock, utterly have since managed to have roughly 7 handsfree orgasms even without the Aneros inside me. I feel like I have a superpower.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/sazs8l/i_can_cum_handfree_after_less_than_a_weekdamn/


  1. Wow! Congratulations! One week must be a new record,lol. You’ll be addicted before you know it.

  2. Wait, okay I thought that I was crazy, but I had the same experience! I did 2 sessions with the Aneros where nothing happened, then the third session it all clicked pretty much instantly and I had the waves of orgasms.

    That session I must have been cumming for 30 minutes on and off after half an hour trying to make it work. The next session, I was able to start having orgasms within ten minutes. But the part that made me freak out a little was when I went to the grocery store after and felt a little tingle when I kneeled to reach a bottom shelf. All I did was focus on the same feelings I had during the Aneros sessions and suddenly I was having an orgasm.

    Since, I’ve realized I can kind of “will” myself into having these and will them into ending whenever I want, more or less. Wasn’t sure if that was “normal” or not.

  3. Which Model did you get as you say you were disappointed with the size? There is always the Progasm which is the biggest if this isn’t what you already have.

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