Finally bit the bullet

After chasing the elusive prostate orgasm with mediocre results and only one partial orgasm I finally placed my order. I did weeks of research trying to find the perfect massager, I literally looked at virtually every one out there and read reviews but was constantly lead back to the Aneros line. The hardest part then was choosing a model. I finally narrowed it down to the Maximus trident or the Progasm Black Ice. My wife then made the decision for me and picked the Maximus because she felt it would be easier to get moving. I’m super excited to receive it and start learning.



  1. Hits a home run for me almost every session… the Progasm is abt 1.25-1.35” and too big for my tight butt… good luck and allow your wife to manually move it once you insert… you’ll get a better idea of how you need to move it and what feels good with her moving it around for you… first you’ll probably enjoy the penile orgasms that you get with it, since you have a helper to get started (and there’s nothing wrong with that)… then you’ll probably get more serious and work towards obtaining the big Prostate Orgasm using the Maximus solo…have fun and good luck… it’s going to rock your world! Use plenty of lube, both inside and on the massager and make sure you have her lick and play with your nipples! Very important to sensitize your nipples so they will actually feel like they are wired to your prostate…

  2. Make sure you use a syringe and shoot lube inside about 5-10ml and then lube on the toy also.

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