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Okay so, thinking of my next toy to get and I’m pretty set on it being an aneros model (I’ll save the Njoy for later)
My thing is I want it to be a long term investment so I’m not sure which I want to get. I don’t think a Progasm is for me, I prefer gradual build up and have heard the progasm can be a tad solid and rough.

I’m divided between the Eupho and the Helix. I wanna lean toward the Eupho because I’ve heard it’s amazing for gradual build up and fine control to produce some of the strongest orgasms. But I’ve also heard it mainly for experienced users and I’m not entirely sure if I am or not.
I’ve had amazing sessions both with and without toys, and I’ve even had a HFWO. I definitely have awareness of my prostate, even when just sitting down. I also don’t mind if it takes a while, but I’m just not sure cause if I commit to it I wanna be sure it will get results that keep me excited using it. Gould I get input on users of it when you knew you were ready for it?



  1. I started Helix, bought the Progasm, had a great session but went back to my Helix. I love the control. Now I’m also really considering the Eupho. Not to hijack your post, but if anyone has insight on the Eupho Syn vs the Eupho, I’d really appreciate it!

  2. I’ve played with several prostate toys, and I only have one Aneros so far, the MGX, b/c that’s what they had in the store where I was looking. It’s a solid toy for sure, but I’m in the same curious boat as you between the Helix & Eupho (due to my height, and the simple fact that I enjoy prostate play, not necessarily something wide in my ass). The simple solution is buy both. Aneros has a “Comparisyn” bundle for $99 where you get a Helix Syn & your choice of of their other trident lines, Helix, MGX or Eupho. I think that’s your best bet for what to buy next, and then you can decide which you like best. Good luck!

  3. Try a Aneros Helix white plastic or the silicone model . If you can also get a Aneros Helix Syn V. My 1st one is the Helix Syn V model which I recommend highly! You can only use a water based lube with it. I have 2 other model too, a white plastic Helix Trident & a Progasm Jr. Order of preference; Syn V, Progasm Jr.,& Helix trident in white plastic. I prefer the silicone models!

  4. I went from the Helix Syn… and wanted a more fuller feel that wouldn’t stretch out my butthole (since I
    Have a tight butt)… looked at all the product specs and chose the Maximus trident (hard white plastic instead of silicone).. first time I inserted it, I knew this was the model for me, plus I got it on sale… after many PO’s & Super O sessions, I have never looked back! Good luck on your decision… the maxi & Progasm Jr are probably around the same size, but the Maximus goes in sooo smoothly…

  5. You say you’ve had amazing sessions with and without toys, including HFWO, so I would say you’re plenty experienced enough for the Eupho.

    As for whether you should get the Eupho or Helix, I think it partly depends what you want to get from it. If you’re most interested in dry prostate orgasms up to and including Super-O, I’d suggest the Eupho. It’s a little more “subtle”, and also pretty mobile. Both of those work to allow the Eupho to stimulate/rub the prostate without putting too much pressure on it. I believe that a more subtle approach is best for prostate orgasms.

    If you’re more interested in HFWO, maybe something a little more aggressive would be better. The Helix could be a good introductory step for this route, but you might find you want even more pressure than it provides, in which case you might consider the Maximus or Prograsm Jr.

  6. Helix Syn is like paddling on a gentle river, and Progasm is surfing the wave. I like both depending on my mood.
    Gotta say tho. Njoy Pure Wand is definitely worth it. It’s like rocket straight to outer space.

  7. I got both the Helix Syn (white) and the Eupho Syn (white) for me the Helix doesn’t quite hit the spot, but the Eupho did. I am quite new but I managed to get HFWO with my Eupho multiple times. For me the build up is amazing. I decided to get the white plastic models because they are really smooth, need less lube and easy to clean…and ofc they are cheaper.

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