Headrush, flying feeling

Wondering if anyone else experiences this…

I get multiple types of orgasms from prostate play. Some are completely centered in my groin/cock area. Some are more full body, tingly with the groin and cock area going nuts.

The best ones I get are more of like a “headrush” where the sexual energy just sends me into orbit. They are VERY intense and the only thing I can equate it to is like taking off in a spaceship or plane. It almost feels like pleasurable g-force. It’s like the opposite of falling. They are shorter than the groin/body ones and I cant seem to chain them together or duplicate by MY GOD….they are insane. It takes my breath away.

Just wondering if anyone else has similar experiences or tricks to get them more regularly.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/sj2nc2/headrush_flying_feeling/


  1. I have been into prostate play for nearly 20 years now and what you describe sounds a lot like my experiences. Every session seems like a new experience (with similar milestones/pleasures but somehow different as well). But the “headrush” type of pleasure is still not something that happens to me every time. Its just sometimes happens and I have not figure out a way to have it consistently. The closest I have found is by using weed (or delta8) which is relatively new experience for me.

  2. I often get the feeling of blood rushing to my face, and I can feel my pulse in my face/head. I guess that could be similar to what you’re describing as head-rush. Although in my case the headrush isn’t particularly pleasurable in itself, it’s just something that sort of comes along with the ride with bigger prostate orgasms. That happens pretty regularly when I’m playing while on THC.

    Ever once in a while I’ll also get closed-eye visuals during the big-O, but that hasn’t happened in a while, I think maybe because I’ve built up some tolerance and don’t get as high as I used to (I’ve avoided increasing dosage because it just makes tolerance worse).

    Funny you mention it being the opposite of falling, because one of the other sensations I sometimes get is a “drop” in my gut/stomach, kind of like going over the top on a roller coaster, or completely relaxing when falling asleep only to jerk awake.

  3. I cheat and use poppers start them of instantly and nip rub. I have tallanerosuser on and karpol music going. Get me every time

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