Where should the aneros touch the prostate? Is my prostate too shallow?

I’ve seen diagrams showing the tip of the aneros in contact with the prostate, but from feeling with my finger while the toy is inserted my prostate seems to be significantly more shallow than that. I have pretty much every model and this appears to be the case for all of them. From what I can tell the massagers currently touch the prostate on the middle hump, causing some stimulation, but I feel like I have been stuck for a while.

Is it possible that my prostate is too shallow for the massagers? How can I properly check if they make contact where they are supposed to?

I have recently modified a MGX Trident by shortening the insertable part and the first session seems to be promising, from what I can tell the tip now is touching the prostate. Is this a good approach? Tips?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/sjws25/where_should_the_aneros_touch_the_prostate_is_my/


  1. Not an aneros expert, but keep in mind that the aneros toy should stick out a bit. You use you sphincter muscles to pull it in and your kegel muscles to rock it back and forth.

    Your prostate is only 2-3 inches in, I believe.

  2. Good question, I’ve given some thought on that and I can’t prove it but I have the feeling that it’s not the tip that’s actually hitting your p but the first bump on the toy that’s actually sliding over it. I use the Progasm and that bump is quite big.

  3. Well this discussion just blows my mind… I should read guidance more. I have the same issues as OP describes, I suppose I should work on not “sucking” the Aneros in. It seems like mine are always fully inserted. I’ve yet to have any HFO but my regular O’s have taken on biblical delight. I know what I’m trying after work.

  4. I agree with Snoo.. the first bump rides the prostate… wait until that sucker starts pushing and pulling on its own, in the throws of a full blown PO… pure nirvana… you’ll be singing out for joy… the ultimate!

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