Embrace the feeling of “I’m about to cum” or ignore it in search of subtler feelings?

I keep getting very pleasurable feelings that feel just like I’m about to have an ejaculatory orgasm. They feel great and can get pretty intense sometimes but ultimately they never really lead anywhere, and I’m left I unsatisfied. Now I’m wondering if I’m actually paying attention to the wrong feelings and if I should actually look past those “I’m about to cum” feelings and into something subtler. Especially since people keep saying that prostate orgasms aren’t like penile ones, and these pre-orgasm feelings feel just like the build up to a traditional orgasm. (Except just inside my body near my balls rather than in my dick)

I once felt a small subtle tingle in my prostate that was unlike anything I’ve felt before or since, and I’m wonder if maybe I should just continue looking for that feeling again rather than letting the pre-orgasm feeling sweep me away. (The problem is I haven’t been able to find this tingle since that first time).

I feel like Ive been stuck at this stage for months now and I don’t know what to do to get further.

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  1. What’re you doing when you get these sensations? Fingering, toy, etc? That info will help folks give better advice.

    Have you ever just kept going and see what happens?

  2. A couple suggestions… develop nipple play.. once you sensitize your nipples, it helps to throw you over the block… eventually you will feel like your nipples are actually attached to your prostate… also keep the movements going past the ejac feelings… I find when I don’t think the feeling can get any better, I keep working and moving the aneros and it throws me into Super O orbit… also try coating the aneros with a layer of CBD oil… that knocks it out of the ballpark for me, and almost immediate pwaves once the insertion is made… amazing stuff.. good luck!

  3. I think that you should concentrate on that tingly feeling and forget the I’m about to ejaculate feeling. That tingly feeling is what got me into the big O. It tends to culminate and fade away but if you keep cool and keep going it comes back stronger each time until it becomes total bliss. I’ve never ejaculated from p play but reached Super O several times so I don’t think of going over the edge to ejaculate as in normal penile orgasms as I did when I started.

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