Aneros Fears

Hi! I’ve never tried prostate play before but I’d like to try it.

I do have one main concern though. I’ve read some posts in this sub about people having uncontrollable tingling/pleasure AFTER the session is over.

I’ve seen people say this can last a week+. This scares me greatly since I do work full time and I can’t be distracted all day with tingling.

How often does this happen and if it does happen is there a way to get rid of it quickly?



  1. I still have this quite a bit, and I don’t mind it. I will say that the majority of the time if you’re not focused on it or up and doing something it doesn’t happen. It may be more sensitive “down there” but for the most part it’s not a problem. I have been woken up by it more than a few times. But again I don’t mind it. I’m back to sleep in a few minutes most times. If it’s anything like it is with me it will also kick your libido in to over drive.

  2. I’ve been playing with my prostate and aneros massagers for years and have never encountered this at all.

  3. I’ve experienced this for sure, though it’s rarely on a level that super distracting. If it starts to bother me too much though I find that masturbating will bring relief for hours. Though it may come back hours later. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

  4. It happens but not to a point where you couldn’t just ignore it if you needed to. If it’s real bad you can just have a normal orgasm and it will go away.

  5. Many multi Orgasm sessions… Super o’s once in awhile… never had an aless orgasm… don’t let it stop you… you’re in for a fun ride… may take awhile but do the work, research and read these Reddits and Prostate Play… go onto the aneros website and their Forums… learn and practice… good luck!

  6. The only way this would get really distracting or overly intense would be if you got really experienced at sparking orgasms completely toyless. You can go down this route but it take a lot of practice and intentional effort over time using your pelvic muscles. Playing around with an aneros (even getting pretty experienced with an aneros) is not gonna “rewire” things to the extent that you’d suddenly orgasm at work. Get an aneros and enjoy!

  7. If you are just getting into it, you are probably thinking too far ahead (very very far) as most people tend to struggle how to use it let alone reach super-o from it. There are ppl who have regular sessions for a few years who still can not reach super-o. And you can only really reach super-o after you “awaken” your prostate. That process is often referred to as “re-wiring” and it often takes some time for you to rewire and enable yourself to take pleasure unless you are gifted in that way.

  8. I think it’s happened to me twice in maybe 15-18 years, and I couldn’t find a way for it to go away until it faded in about a week’s time. My presumption (i.e., wild-arsed guess) is that I was straining so hard, in a session so long, that I might have bruised myself internally. I don’t think this is at all frequent or common, though.

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