1. I use mine primarily when I have sex with my wife and it would slip out at the moment of cumming. I started doing Kegel exercises, and I slipped out maybe twice in 2 years. Not sure if it’s due to the Kegels or not but it’s the only thing I can attribute it to.

  2. I wear period panties, both to keep the toy from popping out (I’ve used Progasm for years…still pops out) and, since they are leak-proof, to keep lube and fluids in.

  3. Apparently the 20th anniversary edition is less subject to popping out because the base is slimmer than the old one. I have the former and the only time it pops out is right when I orgasm from regular masturbation or HJ which doesn’t annoy me that much.

  4. Helpful hint – I get 2 to 3 squares of toilet paper together and fold them up into a thin 1/2” strip… tuck one end between inside of one cheek and the Aneros, then go overtop the aneros with the strip and tuck the other end between the other side of the aneros and the other cheek… holds the aneros tightly in place and your ready to start rocking and rolling… literally…

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