Woke up to a pulsing prostate

I’ve been at school for the past 2 weeks and been busy with work so I’ve had about maybe 2 times I’ve even tried to do anything. Each time was A less and really just some involuntaries before falling asleep. Yesterday I masturbated for the first time in awhile and let out one of the biggest and thickest loads of cum in a long time. Last night I went to bed feeling completely nothing, in fact I was thinking about orgo problems for my exam on Friday lol. When I woke up this morning my prostate was pulsing and I focused on it and did some squeezing and I eventually had a HFDO. I was well on my way to having more except my alarm went off which I had to turn off. Back to reality ig lol. Hopefully I’ll be able to try more today/tonight and see what I get

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/soc4x2/woke_up_to_a_pulsing_prostate/


  1. This is great! To confirm, you had the HFDO without a device and only by squeezing while your prostate was pulsating?

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