Attempting to get past hfwo, avoiding penis stimulation

I’ve been using my aneros helix and progasm for a few years, and made a bit of progress (don’t get much free time) I get some great sensations which I think are p waves but after a couple it always seems to end in a hfwo, with my cock completely soft, which is always enjoyable but I feel like I’m missing out on getting further with the p waves. I often find I’m doing a lot of thrusting which feels great on my prostate but my cock flaps about and I think this stimulation is making me cum. Has anyone come up with a solution, I’m thinking maybe some briefs or maybe a jock strap but not sure if this will feel weird or make it worse as it will be touching my dick or stopping the motion of the aneros.



  1. I’m in a similar situation as you. I think is not really the flopping but the trusting itself that influence the ejaculation reflex. I’m still not great at having long session, but the sessions when I get p-waves are the ones when:

    * I took a several days break from prostate stimulation
    * I abstain from weed for several days, only for prostate play session
    * Minimal or no movement while lying down

    I have a tendency to start trusting when I feel some tinglings from my prostate, and it feels like it is helping me getting an orgasm, until it’s too late and I manage to get it at the cost of ejaculating. Refraining from thrusting forces you to stay still and to focus on your prostate while it is doing its own thing. It’s also much different from the movement you may be doing in PIV or topping during anal sex, while not moving is more similar to being penetrated. I suppose it may be why I don’t ejaculate as quickly if I’m not trusting.

    In summary, I see this as a decision between 2 ways to get orgasms:

    * Active: Use different muscles (ie.: kegels) to massage your prostate, which can stimulate a penile ejaculation at the same time but is a fast way to get a great orgasm.
    * Passive: Let your prostate get aroused and your muscles twitch as necessary, without forcing them to move. Takes longer but bring you those p-waves **and** a great orgasm (or several if you manage to not ejaculate).

    In both case, I rely on nipple play and using a prostate toy is necessary for the passive way. I can’t get aless without thrusting my body and using every muscles around my prostate. Clothes don’t really make a difference for me, though I really prefer to have a direct access to my nipples.

  2. In my experience, thrusting or deep penetration is what causes hfwo. I can’t get fucked or use a dildo for more than 5 minutes before it makes me cum. Hot, but I also wanted to go further, so I’ve been exploring with kegel exercises or the “mindgasm” program for a couple years. That definitely worked but it does require more discipline, research and time.

    Recently I got the nJoy Pure Wand and have had incredible results. [Here’s]( my most recent experience getting a super-o and some tips. Hope it helps, have fun!

  3. i’ve been using aneros for about 3 years and i know this is gonna sound contradicting but i, at this point actually masturbate with my plug. i just don’t ejaculate. i’m use too feeling pleasure without that type of release. incan ride the edge of orgasm for hours without ejaculate, but i’ll still have dry penile, nippleand anal orgasms.

    i know this won’t work for everyone but once you get use too anal/prostate play you can incorporate penile play into it.

  4. i wear briefs to all of my sessions

    For me, no feeling weird at all, instead I feel much comfortable doing so as I hate my dick flopping around, i like everything in place. Besides, also helps contain my mess whenever i had an ‘accidental’ HFWO, usually due to tensing too much. I hate cleaning own mess after my session and that minimize it.

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