My heart is beating out of my chest and my legs shake but the prostate pleasure only comes and goes. What do I do to get to the next level?

I had a very interesting experience last night but still feeling unsatisfied. I don’t get many chances for a longer session by myself so I was definitely looking forward to last night.

I started out by taking a 10mg pot edible like I usually do and taking a nice long shower while I wait for it to kick in. I put in my Aneros in shower to get it comfy before I laid down in bed.

Here’s the problem or the hurdle I’m looking to get over. I will get some generalized warm pleasurable feelings and I’ll get intermittently hard and aroused but I’m not getting the directly pleasure feeling from my prostate. I’ll get involuntary pulses but it isn’t exactly pleasurable and sometimes I think I press too hard to get those involuntaries going.

I even got to the point where I felt generally good, my heart starting pounding in my chest, and my legs were shaking but I couldn’t get to the next level. I feel like I’m so close. What should I do different next time?



  1. I’d trust your instincts about pressing too hard! For me, I get the best results when I focus on

    1. Keeping my breaths deep, steady and calm
    2. Trying to keep my body as relaxed as possible, especially inside my ass and around my groin/inner thighs. Counterintuitively, when you can relax these muscles, the PC muscles will really start to twitch/convulse, which is what builds the prostate orgasm up.
    3. Clear your mind… I know I sound like Morpheus lol but it’s true. If you can go into it without expectations of what you want to feel, it will be easier to fall into orgasms. Again sounds counterintuitive, but it’s worked for me. As soon as my mind gets going with other thoughts (when will the roomies be home? can my neighbors hear me moaning? damn, when will the pleasure start?), that takes over the head space you need clear to really just notice the pleasure that is happening and watch it grow.

    Hope that helps!

  2. What I’ve learned is that when it feels good, relax my mind and body. For lack of a better word, surrender yourself and let it just happen.

    Did I come? Not a valid question.

    Did i feel good? Valid!

    If yes, then relax into that goodness. It’s just the start.

    There is no hurdle to get over. There is only something better.

    Prostate orgasms, or even supper orgasms are simply a state of pleasure that is beyond what your body normally recognizes as orgasm (ie. ejaculatory orgasm).

    While that sounds like getting “over” a hurdle, it isn’t. It’s achieving a state of mind where your body is supplying you with an energy that’s greater than an orgasm, and when you accept that there is no edges or hurdle to “overcome” you’ll find yourself locked in to a wave that you’d like to ride forever.

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