Eupho tips tricks

Just ordered the white plastic eupho. Looking for something more mobile with more lube options.

I currently have the helix syn trident. It works ok but seems to use a lot of lube to stay slippery and it doesn’t like coconut oil.

Anyone with experience with the white plastic version of the eupho have any tips for a good first ride? Do nothing, flex, position, etc.

Have had the autofuck feeling on rare occasion from my current model and hoping the eupho will be more capable.



  1. The Eupho is my favourite toy.
    I use the homemade lube from an earlier Reddit made up of beeswax,coconut oil and shea suppository of lube lasts a couple of hours.
    I start with the do nothing method but later I start tensing different muscles to get the toy dancing.
    As it is slim you can manoeuvre it around quite easily.
    Also,I use a small deodorant can lid about 1” diameter placed on the arms of the Eupho to alter the position of how it lies inside you.
    When placed on the front ‘perinium’ arm,I find it puts more pressure on my prostate and this gives me lots of dry orgasms.
    I swap it over and place the lid on the other arm to produce good sensations in my anus.

  2. protip: bend the tabs inwards so it touches your body, otherwise the aneros will suck in too far and prevent itself from autofucking.

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