thigh pain after prostate milking

Had my first session with the aneros helix trident last night and today I woke up with pain in the inner part of left thigh. I’m starting to think I may have went a bit overboard with my muscle contractions to have the aneros massage the prostate. I was experimenting as much as I could. After about 2 hours I just finished off by masterbating the ol’ fashion way with it inside.

Has anyone ever felt this kind of pain before?



  1. I recently had my first ever session as well and I didn’t know what to expect so I kept on contracting. I think I might have gone overboard as well. I would occasionally leak some precum. After about a couple hours of experimenting I just rubbed one out as well. My load was a lot bigger than usual which was nice.

    As for pain I didn’t feel anything the next day but I don’t know how to explain it I did feel like my asshole had changed shape a little because when I would pass gas it would feel different and come out with a different sound.

    I don’t know man I just want to cum hands free already just to see how it feels. Hopefully we can get there one day.

  2. “Inner part of left thigh” = either your PC muscle is sore or it’s deferred pain from one of your butt muscles. I’ve felt it before.

    It shouldn’t last more than a few days unless you really pushed yourself. Take at least a week off of using the Aneros so it doesn’t become strained. You can probably jerk off again the day after your pain goes away.

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