1. The journey is the whole point! A lot of peeps get so fixated on getting big O’s, Super O’s, Maximum Over O’s that they get frustrated trying to force things to happen when they don’t.
    The biggest fun about prostate stimulation (to me at least) is getting in touch with what genuinely turns me on, feeling arousal build over time, the pleasure that comes with letting go and enjoying the sensations my body gives me, learning how to get into deep relaxation, feeling the multitude of different sensations of pleasure my body gives me, (buzzing, itching, warmth, spreading, widening, trembling ahhh feels fun just thinking of them!) and the discipline of self control with delayed gratification that yields BIG results.

    It is a heck of a journey, and all the experiences along the way make me want to keep going with it, explore it deeper. So yeah, I’d say it’s fun and good

  2. Yes, you feel sensations that are wonderful. I have not had a super-o yet but for me on the build up once after some time relaxing and meditating I hit a sensitivity level that maintains itself (I have deemed it second stage). This is where the contractions sometime come in and it feels fuckin great.

    I’ve figured out that if I release my pelvic floor muscles completely I can instantly feel something building, but the feels makes me contract out of habit and subsides. I’ll try to pulse it with my breathing. If I can focus on do this on a rhythm I’ll reach my second level sensitivity.

    It’s really difficult for me to do consistently. There’s more to it than the PC and Sphincter muscles, there’s some other ones in there that I have to think about “releasing” in order to feel the electrical build up in my body. My body automatically contracts the muscle after doing it almost like pulsing your PC involuntarily when traditionally having an orgasm.

  3. It is certainly a journey. Some guys find success pretty quickly others take months or years – a lot of that is down to committing some consistent time to practice, I went nowhere with Aneros for years then had a spell of a couple of months with lots of time to myself and in two weeks went from nothing to multiple dry orgasms.
    Is it worth it? YES. Totally.

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