My favourite TG Aneros video and my first HFWO

[Here you go](; you’ll know whether TG videos appeal to you or not. The angle is brilliant; you can really see what she’s doing with her body, and I’d love to see more Aneros videos like that.

I am very happy to say that I had my first honest-to-goodness HFWO with my old-school combination of an MGX and KY jelly (or, as I suppose we should now call it, Kynect). [This timeline]( helps me believe that it was probably 2004-5 when I got my first Aneros, an MGX at a point when I didn’t think there was more than one model; I’ve recently enjoyed returning to it after a long run with a Helix and a few tries with a Progasm. I really like the rocking technique used in the video; while I’ve got some movement of the Aneros from just my internal muscles, and enough to generate P-waves when I’m lucky, the degree of rocking here caused enough motion and massage to actually get me over the edge, and I really enjoyed both rocking and moaning along to the video and feeling like I was experiencing the same things at the same time as she was. There was a couple of weeks’ worth inside my nuts, and I felt a lot flow down the inside of my leg; not the rumoured immense squirty quantities of prostate fluid, but more than a usual load.

Not long ago, I complained here that I didn’t enjoy tucking my cock and balls between my legs, but this time it *worked* for me like it never had done before. The difference is that normally I like lying on my right side with the upper leg bent, as this really seems to position the internal pressure how I like it. Tucking cock and balls between the legs which are pointing in different directions is not pleasant. I hadn’t really considered tucking between legs pointing in the *same* direction – much less distracting! – and I hadn’t really considered that as a position for muscle contraction. I started tucking, started rocking, and it rocked my world in a way that it had never been rocked before, and I want to brag about it now. 😀

If you’re not getting what you want from your Aneros play, do stick with it. It may have taken me over fifteen years to reach a HFWO, but I finally have done, and you might eventually be able to surprise yourself with what’s possible. If I can start to reasonably regularly get a HFWO when I want one, then perhaps returning to other positions to see what *else* might be possible will be the next step.

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  1. HOTT video 😘
    Thanks for explaining how long you have been practicing and explaining how you changed your position and how it helped you achieve the HFWO 😍

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