Knocking on heavens door

I have had some success with prostate play in the last three weeks – i own the wand and 2 Aneros ( MGX white – ribbed base) and ( helix – the vibrating one).

F**ound pressure points and exploring – story**

I have had some amazing orgasms — the Trident – was working all by itself a couple of nights ago — the thing was fucking me like it was automated. I played a bit and then relaxed I find I reach around and raised the back arm slightly it puts me over the top a very nice pressure point. just release after a while and let the mechanics of the aneros do its thing

Yesterday – I felt horny — lay on couch – left side – ( leg bent up toward my chest) i left my underwear on and inserted the trident — not a full insertion – just enough to be locked in placed — the aneros was held in place by the back of the underwear . i slowly did kegels and contractions and after a while the thing need to go in and do its work ..

But before I found just a partial insertion and aim it up seems to find the sweet spot.. i was in heaven.. I rode that for a bit and passed out the Aneros was now slightly out and just touched the tip of my anus. I fell asleep in that position and was woken up my an amazing stimulation on my ass — i guess I may have moved and the pressure of of the tip excited me — any way it prompted me to have another session with the toy.

OMG i am so hooked

My one regret is i dont spew like i hear other do? I have cum in over a week — any tips would be appreciated



  1. I heard edging might help you have a wet orgasm. Although I would like to experience a HFWO because the thought turns me on, I hear it’s usually session-ending and that multiple HFDOs are better

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