Closer to orgasm at the start of my journey


Before buying an Aneros i had experience with anal stuff. I used a dildoand a plug and I allready felt my prostate but I couldn’t capitalize onit. So I searched about that tingling and I heard about the Anerosbrand and the concept of prostate orgasm and Super-O. I directly orderedan Helix Trident.

During the shipping I read a lot about the way to use it. Once the Helixrecived i did a session and it was already applying pressure on theright place. The second session (2 days after) I made progress i got astrange sensation I got tingling building progressively in my body and Iwas getting a litle deaf, but i lost this sensation and I couldn’t findit again in the session.

After I had about 1 out of 3 session like the second.

One evening I had the desire to use my dildo again. Not gonna lie I got a little wild during this one… too wild…

Since this dildo session it was impossible to put the Helix on the spot again… All session was dull.

So I ordered an MGX Trident. It was on spot at the first session. But it was less and less on spot session by session.

(I was using them by rhythmic contraction)

I was desperate and ordered an Lovense Edge, a vibrating connected toy. Istill can have orgasme with it, but they are penile because it onlywork when i’m on my belly.

Now, 2 years after, my aneros don’t work anymore. Despite tryingdifferant things. I tried to abstention during weeks, other lubs, condomtechnics, different position.

It really bothers me because I recently tried the Tug-o-war technic toinduce involontaries. I reached my first involontaries with it and Ihave the feeling that if it was on spot (or with the second session sensibility) during this session I would reached the Super-O, or beclose.

I got the technics (i think) but lost my sensibility (i think too). Can someone advice me in my journey.

PS : i’m not a native speaker don’t minf my bad english.

EDIT : I got an Njoy pure wand too.


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  1. I’m in the same situation, curious as to what others will say

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