Hands vibrating ?

I started my journey in November 2020, and I’m at the step where I felt some P-waves but I keep experimenting. At the end of my last sessions, I suddently felt like if my hands were vibrating. I would say it happend rather suddently because I don’t notice it sooner .It doesn’t feel the same as a lack of blood in a member, but it looks like enough to affraid me, and it’s the same intensity.

I never saw anything about that in this subreddit, so I wonder if anyone experienced that sensation before.

(sorry if my english isn’t perfect)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/vgtikz/hands_vibrating/


  1. I got that feeling twice.

    Once it was only in my hands, arms and chest. I was just laying, not doing anything.

    The other time i got it but in my whole body. Started in the hands while i was doing some nipples play, then it went down and my whole body was vibrating.

    Havent been able to get that feeling again since then tho. I also couldn’t explain how i got it, once i wasnt moving my hands, the other time i was moving them. Once i was high, the other one i wasn’t.

  2. Could just be hyperventilating.. I’ve gotten vibrating hands from doing wim-hoff breathing.

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