Looking to buy my first Aneros, have some questions

Would like some feedback from people that have first hand experience. Not new to p massage, but not had good experiences yet.

I want one that is comfortable to leave in while I’m doing other stuff, shopping, dinner with the wife, etc. would like a vibrating and non vibrating option. Which one would be comfortable for sitting clothed?

Sorry if this has been answered before, but looking through post history didn’t give me what I need. And price is no object.

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  1. Aneros Helix Syn Trident, it’s black, with white and Red “P-tabs” if you want one that vibrates I would recommend Vice 2, buts it HUGE and not really for beginners just starting out IMO. Helix Syn trident is good because it’s small and super Discreet. I’ve worn the Helix Syn Trident everywhere really. I took a huge risk one time and even wore it while at the Gym/Pool and even in the showers after! Never fell out or caused a fuss. Just happy prostate pleasure! Sitting and clothed for long periods of time? Helix Syn Trident all the way! It’s a little on the smaller side but it still hits my Spot real good.

  2. If you’re looking for something to go do stuff in, get a butt plug, not an aneros. That’s not what it’s meant for

  3. Even the Aneros wiki calls the toys arousal amplification devices. I have worn my Syn MGX out to the club while I am flirting with people, and it is fucking awesome! Also worn my Helix Syn V to go grocery shopping. Aneros are made to amplify your arousal, use it whenever and wherever you like!

    I have one of the weighted b-vibe plugs and it doesn’t really do much for me, during play or otherwise.

    I get to work from home while I am training some new hires this week and next, so I may pop in a toy for the work day. Might even give that damn plug another chance lol.

    +1 for Helix Syn, the Helix Syn V is a great vibrating option too. But the V has a tab at the bottom that’s used to turn it on/off and to adjust the speed and patterns. That can make it pretty uncomfortable if sitting on something hard, like anything without a cushion.
    The Vice 2 is one of my favorites, and while it’s a bit larger, it is still very comfortable to wear out and about. It has a remote control too, so that could be a lot of fun!

  4. I’ve tried a few times to leave in my aneros while walking around the house. For me, I’ve found that after some time it gets uncomfortable. I switch between water based lube and silicon. The uncomfortable feeling doesn’t go away. And sitting down, even more so. I have the hard plastic models … not the syn where I think the tabs are more flexible?

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