Sensations galore

I just got back from a week long trip to visit family and abstained from doing anything. I came back today and since I’ve been out of lube I went A-less and feel like I’ve gotten some of my best results so far. Usually I get like some pleasurable feelings shooting up the spine and some nice jolts around my waist but today through nipple stimulation (which usually doesn’t help),plain involuntaries, and fantasizing, I got a Dry O. It feels so fucking good feeling like I’m leaking hot cum all over myself only to find nothing. I also felt something new down there which was interesting. Although it only happened once, I felt deep inside my ass an orgasmic jolt which led into the pleasurable feelings of an orgasm and once again, the amazing sensation of hot cum leaking out onto me but ending up being clean except for some pre cum leakage. After that I kept having pleasurable feelings that led to a couple jolts in my left ass check but not a full orgasm again. Can’t wait until I get more lube to see what I can do next


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  1. OMG — dude last night the same thing happened to me i was riding my toy and thought for sure 100%, I spewed.. My eyes were closed and i was enjoying the sensation but when i stopped and looked down DRY.

    Was a little disappointed — my goal is to achieve spewage and im not getting it done

    Just recently have started getting mind blowing orgasms – but no wet stuff for the most part.


    Let me know if you get there


    PS i was using THC and edged for over a week no explosion

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