1. If you feel this way again, I recommend you go the bathroom,put confortable on the shower and go on. Let your body gives whatever it want.

    Probably you were stimulating your bladder which let to pee or you were near to squirt (Again the liquid could be pee or prostate liquid)

  2. In my experience the feeling of needing to pee is not a sign of anything really. It’s there for some orgasms and not for others. There’s so many different ways that prostate orgasms feel that looking for a specific sign to tell you if you’re close is just going to make you over analyze things. The only real consistent aspect of all of the prostate orgasms I’ve had is the feeling of pleasure. And even that changes from orgasm to orgasm. You can feel pleasure in different places and in different ways.

    If you really need to pee and it’s not just the toy pressing on your bladder then just get up and go pee. I’ve actually found that coming back from the bathroom and lying down again can cause a huge wave of pleasure that sometimes turns into an orgasm.

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