How To Have A Coregasm (Super Easy and Super Intense)

It’s actually very easy to have a coregasm, and it feels 100x more intense and better than a normal org*sm and lasts way longer. You also feel it throughout more of your body than just your d*k.

This guide is for men, but I’m assuming it works for women as well. Most on the internet talking about coregasms on the internet seem to be women, but nobody really talks about intentionally getting a coregasm. I’m very surprised that very few people know about this. Many seem to think that the coregasm is some unattainable fabled myth, but it is actually quite easy to achieve if you know how.

***Step 1:*** Mast**bate normally until you know you are very close to org*sm. This is an extremely important step. You will not feel the coregasm build up if you don’t do this first.

**Step 2:** Stop touching your dk and immediately begin doing an exercise (static works) that heavily involves the core and abs. There are different options here. Pull ups work really well and chin ups work even better. L-sit chin ups involve your core even more, so they will make you feel the coregasm buildup the fastest and most intense. However, if you are not strong enough for pull ups, an easier method is by sitting on a chair, and pushing yourself up with your hands and doing a static knee tuck hold. If you don’t understand what I mean, take a look at this image. []( You can also lie down and do leg raises.

**Step 3:** As you work your core, you will feel a very sexual pressure build up in your pelvic area. Edging like this feels way better than normal edging because it’s more intense and you actually feel the pleasure build up inside you and it will you drive you insane. Remember, the ab-work here IS the edging. You will not need to touch your dk again once you have started the ab-work (though you can definitely combine the two if like). Abdominal pressure is caused as a result of the ab-work and this pressure somehow stimulates the groin extremely much. The feeling that you are feeling will build up. You can keep edging like this by pausing sometimes. Keep repeating this cycle until you decide you are ready to experience a full coregasm.

**Step 4:** Put something on so you don’t have to clean up after. Do the ab work again but this time don’t stop. Just keep holding it. For pull ups, just holding yourself at the top or halfway suffices if you lack strength. The pleasure will build up and past the point of no return and you will have the most earth-shattering, insanely pleasurable org*sm of your life (at least compared to normal ones, I have no idea what a prostate o feels like), which you will feel in your entire body. The coregasm really takes over maybe similar to how I’ve seen prostate org*sms described here. You will be tempted to let go and relieve the tension on your muscles and core, but keep holding it for maximum pleasure and as long a coregasm as possible. Your abs will be very sore after. It’s probably the best abworkout there is.

Please try this and report back here. It would be interesting to hear about your guys’ experience with coregasms and hear a comparison to that other stuff you guys do here. Maybe you could attempt achieving a coregasm at the same time as a prostate orgasm. That sounds very promising and would be very interesting to hear about.


*Step 1: Masturbate until very close to orgasm, then stop touching your d*

*Step 2: Engage your core using a core-intensive exercise until you coregasm.*



  1. No need to try this out, I know it works. Really good instructions for people wanting to experience one for the first time. Lying leg raises gave me my first.

    I have been having coregasms for years, but recently they come when I’m resting after yoga. It’s the same muscles involved, just a gentle squeeze, and intense focus. And then Boom Baby! Super intense and no sore abs.

    You can squeeze one out, but with practice you can also relax one out. And here is the little secret, your prostate is talking to you. The coregasms are being triggered by the compression of the prostate. You are having a prostate O. At least that’s how it is for me.

  2. so this is what I’ve been experiencing.

    So a few weeks ago I started trying this technique of massaging the glans that I read at r/multiorgasmic

    In summary the technique is massaging the upper part of the glans without touching the frenulum until you have the dry orgasm. You have to release the tension here and there if you feel the ejaculatory tension building by arching your back and pushing.

    After several experiments I’ve only found out that the only way I can achieve the multiple orgasms, or even just one dry orgasm is by lying on my back with the legs in the air or resting in something above me. What I mean is, this doesn’t work if I’m sitting or standing.

    So quickly I noticed the importance of the abs in this, but I really didn’t get the connection. Engaging my core with my legs in the air, or suspended straight, makes the precum start to ooze out like crazy. By engaging I mean I remain lying on my back, but I come forward just with my upper body, as if I was trying to make my chest and umbilicus touch.

    Still, I can’t get the dry orgasms just by flexing the abs, I need to stimulate the penis, and bam, I can have multiple orgasms without ejaculating for over an hour or until I just can’t take no more.

    I don’t think I’m that fit or anything, but I am very thin. These two or three weeks of dry orgasms, or coregasms as you call them, have actually started to sculpt my abs lol Best abs workout ever. And I don’t even do it every day.

  3. Well, I guess I just found the motivation to do my daily core workout… 😇

  4. Doesn’t work for me. Not like this anyway.

    Masturbating seems to right away reduce the sensitivity of my prostate significantly at first.
    Except for when I pass the threshold and have a fullblown prostate o. The sensitivity then remains and any penis play will feel amazing and will trigger further prostate orgasms.

  5. I love coregasms! I’ve been needing to try different exercises for different results.

    ol’ reliable for me is what i’d characterize as a “hard plank.” It’s not a plank, and if it’s a real exercise then idk the name. it starts from the plank position on elbows. it’s kinda like arching your torso to push your elbows and toes, eventually knees and forehead, into the ground.

    I’m out of shape af, but coregasms come on quick enough for me while edging w/ aneros in. Be on the floor undulating and shit.

    There is a trick that worked for me. Stomach vacuums. I wasn’t able to experience coregasms until i could reliably do that exercise. It won’t make me coregasm, but doing the aforementioned “hard plank” really stimulates my deep core muscles, muscles that i wouldn’t know to work without doing regular stomach vacuums. It’s not abs or obliques by themselves or even together that put off those pleasurable sensations, at least for me

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