does precum=prostate being hit??

Im a beginner and I use the Aneros Helix Syn trident.

Its only my second session and sometimes it feels good and sometimes it doesn’t feel like anything.

My first session it felt good and i realized really small drops of precum were on my tip.

This time there was not as much so I started using the Aneros as a dildo , by putting it in and out ,and I felt it hit something deeper. It didn’t feel good or bad it just felt like something deeper was hit. I keep going because I was aroused not because it felt “good” ,but when I see my tip , there’s a lot more precum.

Does this mean using the aneros in and out , was hitting my prostate more since there was more precum?

Also this is random but since I was aroused I just masturbated normally afterwards , but when I ejaculated it was the most unsatisfying thing ever. It didn’t feel like a normal penis orgasm. I just saw cum but there was no feeling-it was an empty feeling , is this weird?



  1. When I’m having dry orgasms, precum leaks out of me like a faucet. When I’m done, there’s a literal puddle of it on my stomach, every time.

  2. Yes… seems like your in the prostate area if your leaking…. You may need to sensitize your nipples now, to help you… take some of that precum, put it on your nipples as lube and learn to rub them, the aereolas, and just the hard nipple part… doing that will take you a long way…

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