Jackpot!!! 11-19-2022 a day I’ll always remember.

I hit the jackpot around 3am this morning sorta by accident, here’s how the day went and why 3am…

Yesterday I had to drive around 11hrs across 3 states for a job I’m trying to get. I planned on leaving first thing in the morning, but couldn’t, a fwb I’ve had for a while lives a couple hrs away so we don’t get to see each other often, running way behind than what I anticipated, of course I made the irresponsible choice of seeing her which delayed me even further. Exhausted, I didn’t arrive and check in into a hotel until almost 3am. I was unsure on either having a quick session because I had to get some sleep since I had to be up by 6am. Not that I was chasing anything, but being brand new to it, I want to get my booty trained and comfortable for future sessions by being consistent with it.

One of the things I have quickly learned while playing is that laying on my back, laying sideways, sitting on it does nothing for me, I’m thankful for reading previous posts of people emphasizing on finding your spot being important. My true calling is probably the least I’d want if I could choose lol I could never have a session with a woman present no matter how much reassurance she gave me. I’m on my hands and knees, toy is inserted vibration is turned on and I then lay on my stomach while having a pillow or two under my stomach around the belly button area. That elevates my booty ever so slightly and that’s exactly the spot that gets me going. Within a minute or two, I’m having involuntary shakes and slowly what it seems to be by itself, my body starts to position itself where I’m on my elbows back arched and my booty is made out of metal and the ceiling above is a magnet.

It was if my body told my mind, I’ll take it from here, like an outer body experince where my mind has left my body and is simply watching what’s taking place, but can feel everything. With hips rocking back and forth, down, up very slowly in a sensual motion it felt absolutely amazing, best way I can describe is my body teasing itself, placing the toy exactly where it needs to be than moving ever so slightly then right back at it. Suddenly there was an immense powerful clench that lasted several seconds, immediately followed by very forceful hip thrusts motion my lord that felt so good, when it suddenly simply stopped for about 2 to 3 seconds and my mind tried to wonder why did it stopped, I couldn’t finished the though, I was hit by the most powerful sensation I have ever felt in my entire 32 years of existence. Trashing and convulsing in the bed as if I was possessed by something.

While laying there trying to make sense of what just happen, involuntary twitching starts again and we’re off to the races, same exact thing as described above, with same result. I stopped counting after 5, but there was 1 or 2 more so a total of either 6 or 7. One thing I noticed was that after the powerful clench, followed by the forceful hip trhusts the longer my body kept at it the more powerful the orgasm aftershock was, so I’m deducing that the SUPER O key for me is to keep the powerful thrusts since when my body stops the orgasm hits within a couple seconds.

Another interesting fact, I felt absolutely no need to rub one out afterwards, I was still horny and was dying to keep going to see how far that was gonna go but it was after 4am and at best I’d have 2hrs of sleep. I even considered simply staying awake lol but today was the physical agility portion of the testing and I needed whatever rest I could get. Now I know why girls have always begged me during sex not to cum yet while they are enjoying the multiple orgams.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone who has posted helpful info for newbies like me, laying the groundwork and making it easier with the info that have been provided. This has been a life altering experience.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/yzqmmq/jackpot_11192022_a_day_ill_always_remember/


  1. Awesome post and congrats. I am starting to feel a lot of what you described, especially that sudden clenching, so maybe I am getting close to my jackpot.

    During my last session my body clenched so hard it ejected the Aneros while I was having an HFWO, which of course ended things once the aftershocks died off. The wet ones keep getting me, but I’ll get past that someday. Maybe I’ll have to try your face down booty up technique, something about that sounds right for me. And hot!!

  2. Hahaha… congratulations… seems like you had you very first Super O… that’s exactly what it feels like and cums when you least expect it!! Now remember that you won’t always achieve the Super O during your many, many future sessions (I’m guessing they will now happen, lol) but enjoy the “rides”… Super Os usually happen when you least expect it… all the stars need to align correctly… but congratulations and welcome to Nirvana… ps, I love that pillow technique when banging the Mrs… it allows her to relax, opens her wide open and allows to to feel the fullness of what I can provide… have to try that myself… thanks..

  3. Saw this post yesterday and decided to try your technique today. I felt like I got really close as I was having involuntary shakes and felt my a tight clench on the toy but after that the feeling usually just subsided and I was back to square one. Was just wondering how you knew when to stop the thrusting because when j stopped I loosened and the shaking slowed down. Any tips would be appreciated haha

  4. I’ve been stressing for years now… a real game changer when you are getting oh so close to achieving a possible Super O, is to get nipple play involved… IF you get your nipples sensitized, to the point where they feel attached to your prostate, this will get you over the hump to Nirvana… and achieving that coveted Super O… cannot begin to tell you how important it is… also, I achieved my first Super O by experiencing pwaves non stop, lubing and playing with my nipples and keeping the deep squeezing and moving the massager over and over my prostate… you will literally feel your whole bottom area and your head explode into a different dimension…. Called Nirvana or Super O heaven… my nipples are so sensitive now, that when I’m having PIV sex with the Wife, and I’m banging away but not anywhere near cumming, I start playing with my nipples and I cum within a minute or 2… good luck on your Journey… I hope this helps you move forward into all achieving a Super O…

  5. Great post also congrats on your success. I have an question regarding your position. You said you lay on your stomach with some pillows, but where do you point your penis? I’m used to playing on my back so I just leave it sitting there naturally, but I don’t really know what to do with it on my stomach

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