Help!! Advice on positioning

Hello. So I’ve been using the aneros products for 5 years now and have almost every model. I know where my prostate is and what it feels like but I feel like none of the aneros products properly reach it. I don’t get that peeing feeling. I once did while using the helix syn but have never been able to recreate it. Any advice? Is it all mental? Should I try different products? I really don’t want to give up. I’ve been trying for a very long time and want to experience a super o at least once in my life!



  1. Expectations… Maybe you expect to experience a Super-O in the session.

    What I do know is that you shouldn’t go hunting for Dry-O’s. You have to let yourself be surprised by the orgasms. Easy to say, you might say…Yes, it’s difficult.Then you have to be super relaxed. At the beginning of the session, I mentally “scan” my body from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. Several times. I go over my neck muscles, my shoulders, my pelvis, my sphincters (important, sphincters), etc. I mentally go down and back up my body to relax everything as much as possible. All the while practicing controlled breathing, of course. Deep controlled breaths. Usually, at this point, mini orgasms start to occur. And these mini orgasms eventually increase in intensity and length to culminate (hopefully…) in great Super-O’s. All this without forgetting the caresses on the nipples as soon as the first little orgasms start.

    Try to set one small goal for the next session. For example, to improve your controlled breathing technique or to get really relaxed. And if possible no hidden goals like having a wonderful orgasm…

    As for position, it is best to let the toy find the right place by itself. I let the massager finish the insertion by itself for the last centimeter or few centimeters.

    One last thing, if weed is legal where you live try to consume a very small amount, it’s magical…

  2. Perhaps check out the mindgasm challenge? The daily lessons teach relaxation, breathing, muscle control/isolation etc. You’re not allowed to have a traditional orgasm during the course, so be sure you’re ready for that. I’ve done a marathon crash course over the last few days and it has taught me to find my “sweet spot” and milk it using my PC and sphincter muscles. I’m now able to get precum flowing out of my tip without a toy in and I’m so happy with my progress. Be sure to take rest days as to not hurt those all important muscles down below. Mine are exhausted. Good luck to you.

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