My first aneros arrives today!

I’ve been playing with my ass for many years but only recently found this thread which led me to buying an aneros progasm. I’m forever on the search for reaching the legendary super O and will welcome any advice you can give. As I say I’m relatively experienced in using toys in my ass but I’ve never had a handsfree one like this, only dildos, etc.


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  1. What massager did you purchase.. what was used during previous play? Take things easy.. learn the movements to move the aneros around… learn what feels good… it’s ok to finish with a penile orgasm to feel the intensity it provides when ejaculating… read everything you can and practice the tips offered… learn to sensitize your nipples while playing, this will help you so much… just practice and enjoy the feels the aneros offers you… you will probably move up to a large size eventually to give you a fuller feeling but that’s later… just focus on moving that device inside to hammer your prostate… good luck, have fun and enjoy.. oh yes, lube…lube both your hole and inside, and lube you aneros…. A lot…

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