Blindfolded and back to basics

This morning I had a sort of “back to basics” session. I typically have several of my devices on hand during a session and I switch them out depending upon the mood my ass is in. Today I decided to go into the session with just one; Eupho syn Trident. I cleaned out, pre lubed, got just the right amount of THC high, put on some good relaxation music and a blindfold and just relaxed. I was soon rewarded with various strengths of calm seas orgasm. I then really ramped up the pleasure with my Rolevin nipple sucker. I typically attach the cups and let them do their thing but today I tried something different; I would gently pull a cup off a nipple and then hover over the nipple and let the cup suction take hold. This, combined with the blindfold really was amazing. Really felt like someone was sucking on my nipples and I began to imagine that I had a hot naked woman on each side of me taking turns licking and sucking. This really amped up the orgasms! Overall a great session during which I focused on the pleasure of just one prostate device rather than interruption with changing out.


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