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So, I have two major issues with my toy sessions. No.1, time. I definitely don’t have enough time in my day to clean, prepare, relax and lay in bed with the toy for like what, two/three hours? I still live with my parents and even if they give me all the privacy I need I’m still not alone. Not to mention that between work, school and other stuff I literally can’t allow myself to “waste” so much time during my day. I tried using it during the night or while studying, but I always end up removing it because it wasn’t really comfortable. No.2: cleaning. I’m a very clean person and I take all the processes to be fully clean, it happens that after some time my muscles inevitably relax and well, toy is not clean anymore and it pisses me off. Do you guys have any advice?



  1. Skip the cleaning and preparing part. Lube up a finger, stick it all the way in your butt, and if you don’t feel anything in there you’re good to go. You don’t have to spend so much time each session. 30 minutes to an hour is fine.

  2. Psyllium Husk Fiber will also help keep you cleaned out. I use my aneros in 30 minute sessions 3 times a week. It’s how I spend my lunch break working from home.

  3. The rectal canal usually has little fecal matter in it unless just prior to a bowel movement or perhaps just after. A well lubed toy (in my experience) doesn’t usually wind up with much on it – a small wad of folded toilet paper is enough to clean the toy adequately followed by hot water and soap.

    I see no reason to use an enema (have never had to do one) or spend hours in prep. Avoid times where you feel like a bowel movement is imminent or straight after one and you should be fine. Use a good amount of lube, fold some toilet paper, wipe down toy after use fold such that any fecal matter is on the inside tuck folded paper in crotch (to catch any lube or loose matter) place said paper inside underwear go to loo and flush paper. Wash toy with hot water + soap. Place a fresh folded wad of paper back in underwear for a short time (saves possible stains on said underwear and perhaps awkward questions at laundry time). Done.

    Finding alone time can be problematic for many, there is however usually space and opportunity. Sometimes one must be a little creative. Living at home being discreet about this will likely be of import to you – so do what needs be done to avoid leaving telltale signs of oddness (stains & smells etc).

    In my own situation my wife knows I do this but wants no part of it so a modicum of discretion is needed so I do ‘get it’ – I’ve found no need for complex and lengthy cleaning pre or post using the loo paper method above and nap time or when she’s on a shift out of house (usually in the early morning) are my play times. You’ll find a somewhat regular time space that works for you – you do not NEED hours a time to do this and get some success. Semi regular sessions are fine.

    Studying (I presume sitting down) will lead to discomfort as Aneros toys don’t sit flush (most of them) with the perineum area. Lying down (or standing or kneeling) works well however.

    Take your time work out a regime that works for you and your environment and you’ll be fine.

  4. I have found that the spontaneous short sessions are often much more rewarding as it’s like you don’t put too much pressure on your mind. A lot of the time my fully planned, “all conditions perfect” sessions have too much pressure to be good and are often just that, just good.

    Like, edged for a week, good bowel movement, plenty lube, all day free, three different models, hydrated, speaker with white noise, phone off. kinda feels like “this better be good, everything is ready! It HAS to be good”. Whereas realising, I’ve a free hour and not much to do later, fuck it I’ll have a quick session. Always ten times the pleasure due to total lack of expectations.

  5. On average adults have 7 or more hours sleep a night. I find during a session after 30 mins I enter a trance like state which is very similar to sleep, so I incorporate some of my sleep time into my aneros session. I find early morning is the best time as I am already relaxed but evening is good too. Sometime the evening session drifts into a deep sleep and I awake in the early hours by the orgasmic sensations.

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