Looking to get a 3rd Aneros model…. Need some help

I have the Eupho and the Progasm Jr. I MUCH prefer the Eupho over the Progasm Jr and it’s mainly due to the rigidity of the Progasm Jr in reference to the K-tab.

The Eupho is just comfortable and does a great job but am looking for something equally comfortable but will provide a new sensation/experience.

With that, I think going with a Syn model is wise. Was thinking the Helix makes good sense as it’s a proven model but maybe it’s too much like the Eupho and I’d get more contrasting sensations from the MGX.

So I guess what I’m asking is…. if you already had a Eupho, would opt for the Helix or the MGX?

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  2. yeah, just because you have the Eupho doesn’t make the Helix or MGX obsolete. if you only have two models you should start experimenting. i have 8 models and i’m still trying too get more lol

  3. First thing I did was mod the arms on Progasm Ice. It’s too short and uncomfortable with those arms like the factory set them.

    Maximus or Helix are my next Aneros models. Helix is much more aggressive on your prostate than Eupho. No syn model of Maximus though. I personally do not like the silicone that Aneros is using.

  4. I would opt for the [MGX](MGX-syn-trident?bg_ref=A0B5yAsItP&tid1=reddit" rel="nofollow ugc">https://www.aneros.com/products/MGX-syn-trident?bg_ref=A0B5yAsItP&tid1=reddit)…. the Helix is VERY similar in size, although slightly larger in most regards, and a slightly different shape. The MGX is going to be a much bigger difference IMO, and if you’re going to spend the money… It’s what I would try first.

  5. MGX is my go to of 4 models. It’s funny because I only bought it because it was 50% off. Rocks my world.

  6. Helix or Maximus would be my next one. I would not get syn model again though. I do not like the silicone quality (wants to hold odor if you don’t soak it in dish soap water, also holds lint and everything that comes close).

  7. Don’t get too caught up in the models. I did myself and have been using Aneros for over 12 years. As seen posted so many times, this is all mental and it’s true. Research MMO’s and explore meditation techniques such as Taoist. I thought it was corny as hell at first, but it works. Over time you learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and gain the ability to move that energy throughout your body. Men have had full body orgasms for hundreds of years. The aneros works as a training aid to get down the path. So going back to which model, it’s just a personal thing, but they all pretty much do the same thing. Getting to the point of not using the Aneros (A-Less) is the end goal. Once you rewire your brain, it’s becomes easier and easier.

  8. Maximus rocks it for me… started w/ Helix Syn, then Maximus, bought the Progasm on sale and still alittle too big for me, but love it bcs the hook tip digs deep into my prostate… bought the Progasm Jr which was on sale (like Maximus much Better), lastly bought the set/2 Peridise and they do nothing for me, after many many tries… want a fuller feeling inside w/out stretching out the anus? Go Maximus…. My suggestion

  9. Maximus is a MUST in my rotation, it has a mind of it’s own, so powerful! I respect that toy and it demands my attention!

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