Is Aneros really worth it?

Aneros is probably the most well known and used brand around and it’s commonly touted as the gold standard, but is it really that special? I have used some lelo prostate massagers, the njoy pure wand, and some other assorted toys. While it has been very enjoyable, I still haven’t gotten that elusive finish. So, is the aneros toy line worth getting into? While they aren’t super expensive, it’s costly for a non-vibrating toy and I don’t really see how it would do anything for me that those other toys haven’t done based on the design in pictures. Thoughts?



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  2. It is 100% worth it. The quality of these things are amazing, it will surely last a very long time. It’s priceless once you actually learn how to orgasm with it

  3. Once you are rewired, you will not want to go back. Prostate orgasms are the best.

  4. It’s all about the learning curve, which is high. But if you can have multiple orgasms and Super-O, it will change your life. Completely serious.

  5. It’s not just the aneros toy. I am sure any number of toys will do it, and some learn with no toys (aless). What is important is reading a ton (male wiki gspot, aneros forum) and learning how to expand on micro sensations in your mind. For that it is very helpful to have a non vibrating hands free toy which stimulates the prostate directly. And aneros makes the best in that department!

  6. It stands out because it is self activated by the anal and pelvic floor muscles

  7. I bought one when I first started prostate play and I was not impressed. After a while I went back to me aneros and learned about kegels and how to work the toy. Then it all changed and it is one of my favorites. They are not as wham bam like the vibrating toys, but well worth it. I am thinking of buying a different model to try out.

  8. The subtle stimulation provided by Aneros toys makes it much easier to learn how to enjoy prostate orgasm. Vibrating toys can distract you from the subtle sensations you really need to focus on to have a prostate orgasm

  9. It’s a long learning curve for most except a lucky few – but YES 1000% worth it.

    What’s not to like about multiple whole body orgasms ?

  10. Considering I am currently getting really good waves 🌊 and leaking like an old faucet, using the Aneros Paradise (tiny one $20), yes! Highly worth it.

    I will follow this up with the Eupho, which will intensify these feelings into mini orgasms.

    Then I will tease my prostate with the Pure Wand, followed by my modified Progasm Ice (arms folded down allowing further penetration, and don’t underestimate the back ball hitting your tailbone area (helps me get an anal orgasm). My only problems with Aneros devices are: 1. I don’t like the silicone they use. 2. The devices are not a long enough length to reach some users Prostate.

    I then move on to my $12 Cheapo (no name or brand) that they no longer make/available, that is getting brittle (it’s very similar to the Progasm) one of the arms has a broken tip, it snapped off during a session. Insertable length is 5.5 inches and diameter is 1.1 inches. Worried about it breaking in a way that could hurt me. I am looking at ways to retire it now.

    My point is that this device is like a longer Progasm and gives me an insane amount of orgasms after using all the above devices, Just had a mini orgasm from the paradise 🤤. I do agree that Aneros could be better priced, they are no longer produced in the USA.

  11. Yes absolutely. I’ve bought the cheapies and got nowhere. Finally bought a Progasm and success on the 2nd use.

  12. For sure worth it. But be patient. Both in amount of time you set aside for your sessions, and the amount of time before you might get mind blowing prostate results.

    Don’t expect the best results from your first attempt. It takes time for many people to train up.

  13. Absolutely, it’s quite subtle but it’s the only toy that made me achieve a Super O.

  14. It can take a while to master but the entire process is extremely satisfying and soooo worth it once you anally orgasm hands free. It’s incredible

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