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Hi everyone! I’ve been toying around with prostate massagers for little over a year now and have really enjoyed my experience so far. While my sessions generally don’t produce involuntary contractions or p-waves, they’re still very pleasurable and a good way to relax.

In two sessions, about 6 months apart, I’ve managed to get these p-waves (i think). During those sessions (first with a leluv nero knock off toy, another with progasm) I felt the pleasure build up (as it usually does), but then suddenly the pleasure grew and began creeping up my body untill my whole body was “tingling” and feeling all around very pleasurable. There were no muscles clenching, I kept on doing what I thought felt good and the “wave” of pleasure passed after 10 second on the first time and after approx. 1 minute on the second.

The first session I did manual contractions until it got to the point where I tried to keep relaxed, but the contractions sort of were automatic. After a while this resulted in the first wave of pleasure.

The second session I tried breathing deeply in and out of my belly, and after a while the wave came and passed.

Since these two sessions have been so pleasurable, my question stands: is there a way to “cheat” yourself into feeling these sensations on a regular basis?

It doesn’t really matter if I’m horny or not before I start the session, or if i’m actively clenching or doing the do nothing -method, the waves seem like they are pure coincidence and luck. I’ve read many guides and tried many different approaches, but nothing has made it predictable this far. I’ve tried with weed and regularly do nipple play.

Thanks for all replies!

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  2. Time and practice and it will come more easily. You’ll learn what triggers them and be able to get there faster and take it further. Mindgasm is good for learning the a-less techniques and can be fun if you can’t use a toy.

    I can only get there if I lie on my right side. Do nothing and breathe. And of course be aroused to start with, but I don’t find that a problem. I’m always up for a bit of play. Don’t have any expectations of what you want to achieve. Just take what you get and don’t get upset.

    Happy travels. It’s a great ride.

  3. How often are you doing sessions?
    I have not been consistent myself (on and off 10 years), I think it’s about learning what works for you. I know when I was doing 2 times a week I was having a lot more successful sessions. There is no “cheat” that is going to work for everybody, there are those methods that you have already read and that is the best info available.

    For myself I have found that on my side, fetal position, works the best and doing 20 contractions, with a 30 second break for a total of 60 contractions. Then I straiten out out my legs a so my legs are less in an “L” shape so that my hips are more at a fulcrum point. In way my hips are more at a pivot point and can rock forward and back easier for involuntaries. I use the aneros to “stroke” the prostate in a way that is pleasurable and if it becomes pleasurable the it starts to build in intensity.

  4. I just figured out in the last six months what the key is for me, I busted out a device that I had not used in over six years. I had only used it one time and didn’t like it. I was only doing prostate massage for health reasons back then and relied on Estim to help with that. It could be enjoyable with very low amplitudes and the perfect frequency dialed in, with the smallest probes inserted to hit just on the prostate.

    My point is that the device didn’t do it for me one time so I gave up on it, the reason I purchased it is because I wanted to get something like an Aneros and save money too. This device is like a longer Progasm 5.5 inches insertable X diameter of 1.1 inch.

    I started using this firm plastic device like a dildo one night when I was good and warmed up, mid session. It immediately responded by sending me into the most amazing anal orgasm, that I thought was a Super orgasm until I had my first super orgasm, 🤤.

    I have come to the conclusion that changing devices, smaller to larger, working through five or six favorites, then pounding your prostate (in a gentle safe way) with a thin, firmer (hard plastic, stainless steel, or glass) device Can lead to four hours, and over thirty orgasms in a single session.

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