All I can do is a wet coregasm / need help!

I have been using my aneros helyx syn trident (forgot exact name) for 3 years now but mostly just to boost my penile orgasms strenth. Couple months back I first managed to have a handsfree orgasm with aneros massager inside but only by flexing legs straight and crossed and abs as if I were doing crunches half reps as it stimulated my prostate (cant do it without flexing, too weak pc muscles I guess). Today I discovered this subreddit and would love to hear advices on how to reach what you boys call dry orgasm and super orgasm. By now I always thought only the type I can do (I believe they call it coregasm) that I practiced 3 years to achieve existed, omg.

Hello and thank you!



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  2. I’m in the same boat. I asked the same thing about abs. Check my post history and hopefully it helps you.

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