New penis like sensations?

If I don’t have a very productive session, I’ll gently rub the aneros side-to-side over the prostate. I’m finding the more I do that, my prostate is becoming more sensitive, and rubbing it is starting to feel more like rubbing the frenulum of my penis. Have any others experienced that? The prostate starting to have more penis-like sensations?

Keeping cock and balls behind legs?

Any of you guys that lay on your side or stomach, do you keep your cock and balls behind your legs? Do you feel it helps your session? It feels good when I do it, especially if I keep the base/inside part of my shaft stretched really hard. But I’m not sure it really helps or it’s just in my head. Any thoughts or related tips?

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Full Erection Dampens Prostate Sensations?

I have a question for you guys. I’ve been making a lot of Aless progress, but I seem to hit a roadblock during sessions. I start with nipple play, p waves start to happen, they build and get stronger, and then a strong penis erection. Once I’m fully hard, the prostate sensations seem to almost diminish. I repeat that over and over and that’s all that happens. Have you experienced something similar? Have any tips on keeping a hardon from stealing the show?

Strong Aless feelings, but still O-less. Help!

Hey guys. Where I’m at with Aless- with a mental nudge I can kick off some pretty strong feelings in the p-zone. Prostate ACHING with that sweet throb feel. I can maintain it and it often goes a little further into some contractions and an erection, and swelling of the prostate. And it levels out and stays there, with that frustrated for the love of GOD let me cum feeling. Kinda like when I was a teenager and raging hormones pushed me to the same place. Any tips on how to progress and maybe push this over the edge?

Any advice for Aless progress?

Within a few seconds I can generate some Aless sensations – little p-waves, prostate seems to flutter, warm feeling. And that’s as far as I can get. Any advice? Just keep practicing?